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All English Writing Group Lessons are taught by Yale or Harvard recent graduates or current students.

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What Group Lessons does iLearn World offer?
iLearn World has the following English Writing Group Lessons for each grade. Students must take "English Writing - I" before joining any "English Writing - II" classes. The other differences between each "English Writing - II" group are the reading and writing assignments.
English Writing - I
English Writing - II Narrative
English Writing - II Descriptive
English Writing - II Persuasive
English Writing - II Expository

iLearn World offers the following Debate Group Lessons for 7th to 8th grade:
Debate - Novice
Debate - Lincoln-Douglas Novice
Life Coaching - Communication, Relationships, Leadership

iLearn World offers the following Computer Programming Group Lessons for 9th to 10th grade:
Computer Programming with Java
Life Coaching - Communication, Relationships, Leadership
Reading and Writing for International Students

The following link contains more details about each lesson: Group Lesson Details

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